5G Home Internet

5G home internet your family can rely on.

Switch to Telstra 5G internet and get your first month on us. Plus our super fast 5G Home Modem included for use.
For new services. Select areas and eligible customers only. Limited number of services available per postcode. Plan prices may change. If you leave within 24 months, return your modem within 21 days to a avoid a non-return fee.

Why choose us for 5G Home Internet

First month on us

Try 5G Home Internet on us for a month to make sure you love it. Pay $0 upfront and no install fee. Read the 5G offer details.

Then $85/mth. Cancel anytime.

Try it, love it - or cancel it

Try 5G internet in your home to make sure you love it and if you don’t you can cancel with no obligations .

Super easy setup

Just plug in your 5G Home Modem and you’re online. No appointments needed. Read about the 5G modem .

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If you want fast, reliable internet now, check out our nbn plans or mobile broadband options.

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