The right help, at the right time.

Our dedicated support team are trained business experts. We offer account management support for all small business customers, irrespective of their size or number of services, to get the right solution.

Our approach to small business account management support doesn’t come with lengthy terms, conditions and caveats. We provide Account Management support to every small business at no added cost.

Our Small Business Account Management Support offering will mean more time for customers to spend on their own businesses while we look after their communication and technology needs or queries.

Book an in-store appointment with a business expert to discuss your needs, send us a message or call us on 13 20 00.

How we can support you

24/7 nbn™ tech support

If you have an outage or query about your nbn service, our 24/7 support line is available on 132 999​. Talk to one of our trained small business specialists to resolve your issue end to end. Get you online sooner and create continuity to your business (always on promise)

Back up your mobile network with 4G

Our small business unlimited data plan includes a Telstra Business Smart Modem with 4G backup for all new customers. If your internet connection is interrupted, you’ll switch to the 4G network automatically

nbn satisfaction guarantee

If you are moving to the nbn network with Telstra for the first time and you are not happy with your service for any reason, let us know within 30 days of connection and we will do our best to fix it or you can cancel your nbn service without penalty. We'll even refund your monthly plan fee for that first month. Call 1800 290 820

TBTC Support

Designed to service small and medium businesses, our Telstra Business Technology Centres provide professional service and intel to help you integrate tailored tech solutions. That means less time troubleshooting tech, and more time taking care of business

Telstra small business account management

Video content description

A video of our account management service come to life for a small business owner.

  • Footage: A customer is in a Telstra store, beside a display full of products.

    Telstra Consultant: Ohan, right?

    Customer: Yes.

    Telstra Consultant: Thanks for coming in.

    Customer: No worries.

    Telstra Consultant: Let’s get that extra business phone sorted, follow me.

    Footage: The Telstra consultant and customer are sitting at a table together and looking at a tablet screen. Text appears on screen reading "Book your appointment with a business expert today."

    Narrator: We’re improving our customer service across Australia with business experts in-store to help when you need it. Book an appointment today.


We've made connecting to nbn simple for your business.

Get a dedicated nbn connection manager when you sign up to a new nbn service or switch your business internet to Telstra from another provider.

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