Simplify your payment solutions

Access flat-rate payments with a no lock-in contract with Tyro from Telstra, plus make your first $15K of transactions fee-free, then 1.6% flat rate, only when you sign up via Telstra. With Tyro's affordable smart technology, you can take EFTPOS payments on the go for greater flexibility.

Exclusions apply on flat-rate payments. Eligibility criteria apply. Read Tyro offer details

  • Footage: We see two small business owners, Jenny and Ping, standing behind the counter of their Chinese restaurant and opening a parcel that contains a new EFTPOS terminal. Jenny looks happy as she sets up the EFTPOS terminal while Ping stands next to her talking on his mobile phone.

    We see Jenny smiling as she places their new Tyro EFTPOS terminal on the front counter.

    Audio from voice over: Get EFTPOS made effortless with Tyro from Telstra.

    Caption disclaimer: ‘For more information visit T&Cs apply.’

    Footage: We see Ping reluctantly taking down an old ‘cash only’ sign in the front door of their restaurant as one of their regular customers, Marcus, enters. We then see Marcus paying for his order effortlessly by tapping the new Tyro EFTPOS terminal with his mobile phone as Ping watches on, suddenly glowing with pride at their restaurant’s new payment system.

    Footage: The Telstra logo floats on a blue background.

Grow your online presence

There's a million and one ways to do digital marketing; we're here to help you find the way that serves your business best. Whether you need a website or a complete digital marketing strategy, including everything from SEO to social media, we can help you grow your online presence and reach more customers in the digital realm.

  • Footage: We see two small business owners, Jenny and Ping, sitting at a table in their Chinese restaurant looking at a website on their tablet. Ping holds up their mobile phone as they are on a call with Telstra. Jenny leans in to the mobile phone to speak.

    Audio from Jenny: Yes, just pulling them up now.

    Footage: Jenny clicks on a link that Telstra has sent them on their tablet. The link opens a new browser page to reveal their business new website.

    Audio from Ping: Wow, they’ve done a great job!

    Footage: Ping and Jenny smile at the tablet screen, admiring their new website.  On the tablet screen we see their restaurant’s website homepage featuring details on their current promotions.

    Audio from voice over: Chat to our Telstra team about getting your business’ website built and found online.

    Footage: Ping and Jenny’s daughter Julia, who is also a waitress at their restaurant, walks by in the background. She stops to take a photo of her parents to capture the moment, which makes Jenny smile. Meanwhile, Ping continues to explore their new website while looking happy.

    Footage: The Telstra logo floats on a blue background.

Book a $0 digital consult

Did you know we offer digital consultancy? Our experts can help you figure out the solutions that will suit you best via our $0 Go Digital Consult. During your one-on-one session, we'll help deliver what you need to thrive in the digital landscape and answer your questions to help you plan for the future.

  • Footage: We see the inside of a Chinese restaurant called Double Happy, run by small business owners Jenny and Ping. Ping is standing at the counter as one of their regular customers, Marcus, decides what he would like to order. Jenny is sitting at her computer and is talking on the phone to a Telstra consultant.

    Audio from Jenny: And how can we get more reservations?

    Footage: We see a Telstra consultant sitting at her computer wearing a headset while talking to Jenny.

    Audio from Telstra consultant: I’d recommend an online booking tool.

    Footage: We see a close-up of Jenny’s laptop screen where she has a webpage open, it shows a Go Digital Consult booking form that she has already filled out.

    Audio from voice over: Book a no cost Go Digital consult and get tailored, expert advice.

    Caption disclaimer: ‘For more information visit T&Cs apply.’

    Footage: Jenny sees their customer Marcus still trying to decide what to order. She pauses her conversation with the Telstra consultant to offer Marcus her own recommendation.

    Audio from Jenny: I’d recommend the wontons.

    Footage: We see Marcus looking up from the menu he is holding to smile at Jenny in thanks for her recommendation.

    Footage: The Telstra logo floats on a blue background.

Connect with IT experts, 24/7

Need to call IT? With our broad range of tech services, and 24/7 support, we can help you with your problem whether it's hardware or software related. For help when you need it most so your business can maintain its momentum.

  • Footage: We see small business owners Jenny and Ping sitting next to each other at their computer in the back office of their restaurant. Ping holds up their mobile phone as they are on a call with a Telstra tech expert. Jenny leans in to the mobile phone to listen closely.

    Audio from Telstra tech expert: It’s all sorted, your restaurant’s recipes are now backed up in the cloud.

    Caption disclaimer: A separate cloud software service is required.

    Footage: We see Ping, who is resting his hand on a pile of recipe books sitting on their desk, turning to look at their daughter, Julia, who is standing in the doorway smiling at her parents. Ping ushers her over to the desk and she walks over and sits down at the desk in between her parents. Jenny, Ping, and Julia sit together looking at a computer screen where they are saving their recipes online.

    Audio from voiceover: Talk to our Telstra team about our 24/7 business tech support.

    Footage: We see Jenny and Ping’s computer screen more closely, where they have saved scanned images of their family recipes into a folder they have named ‘Family Restaurant Recipes for Julia’.

    Footage: The Telstra logo floats on a blue background.

Why Telstra is good for your business

Get 24/7 support from human experts

You can get help from real people, not bots, 24/7. To back your business with the support of Australia-based specialist teams, day and night.

Get what you need from one provider

All businesses need diverse digital tools, from websites to payment platforms. With Telstra, you can keep multiple services under one account to simplify admin.

Save yourself time with trusted support

You’re only one hello away from having 3,000+ in-store small business experts backing your business behind the scenes, so you’ll have more time to get things done.

Boost customer loyalty with Telstra Plus Market

If you join Telstra Plus Market , you can reward your customers with Telstra Plus points to encourage them to do business with you, helping to expand brand loyalty.

Eligibility criteria apply.

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