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Telstra wants to be a company that is part of the lives of all Australians – connecting them to the things that are most important to them – whether at home, at work or in their businesses.


Find out more about our economic, social and environmental approach and performance.

Digging & construction

You must contact Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) to register your request for plans of underground services at the location in which you intend to dig.

Integrated public number database (IPND)

The IPND is an industry wide repository of all Public Numbers. Carriage Service Providers, also known as Data Providers, are required to provide Public Number Customer Data (PNCD) to the IPND.

Faulty products

Even with the great products we offer, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. Learn about consumer rights if a product you buy from us is faulty.

Acoustic shrieks and thunderstorms

Read advice on how to minimise the risk of acoustic shrieks on your phone line and find out what you should know about making calls during thunderstorms.


Telstra is the leading provider of payphone services. We provide around 18,000 public payphones throughout Australia, to meet the needs of people who are out and about.

Triple Zero (000) and 112 Emergency Call Service

The Triple Zero (000) and 112 Emergency Call Service is the 24/7 call service Australians use when they need the help of an Emergency Service Organisation – Police, Fire or Ambulance.

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Unwelcome calls

Helping you identify, manage or report unwelcome calls.

Priority Assistance

If you or someone living with you depends on a fixed home phone due to a life-threatening medical condition, we can fi x it fast.

Cyber safety

Keeping you and your loved ones safe online with our cyber safety tips and resources.

Responsibility to customers and community

Responsible business

The way we do business is important to us. We are committed to acting responsibly and being transparent and accountable, wherever we operate.

We're committed to conducting our business ethically and responsibly wherever we operate.

Community & environment

We value our community and want it to thrive. Find out how we're helping our community and environment.

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