Important: To transfer a Telstra service to another individual or business you must be the Account Owner or have full authority on the account.

You can transfer:

  • Mobiles
  • Home phone
  • Internet
  • Bundled services
  • Telstra Plus points

You can’t transfer:

  • Business products to personal customers - this includes services provided on the nbn TM network. These services need to be cancelled and a new service purchased.
  • Disconnected or cancelled services
  • BigPond mailboxes and Telstra Mail services can’t be transferred. Ownership will remain with the current owner until such time that they choose to cancel the service.

Transferring an Upfront plan to a new owner:

  • First, go to the My Telstra app to make sure you have an Upfront plan or check the Critical Information Summary you were given when you signed up
  • When you request the transfer, we’ll guide you through the process
  • If the new owner is, or is eligible to be, a Priority Assistance customer and the service is on an Upfront plan, call us on 13 22 00 to discuss your options
  • The only way to pay for Upfront plans is by AutoPay. The new owner will be required to sign up with AutoPay at the time of transfer
  • Transfers for Upfront plans may require the new owner to obtain a new SIM card during the transfer process
  • The new owner will require a Telstra ID to manage their service online
  • To change your name because of marriage, divorce, a name change by deed poll, or incorrect spelling, follow these steps:

    • Fill out this Change of Name Request form
    • Upload a copy of your updated primary ID in your new/correct name
    • Upload a copy of your ID in your previous name

    If you don’t have updated ID, please supply your change of name document (e.g. marriage, divorce, deed poll, birth certificate)

  • We understand that taking care of your loved one’s accounts and services can be stressful and overwhelming during this difficult time, so we’re here to make it as easy as possible.

    Find the relevant bereavement support to help you transfer or cancel the account:

  • We can help you stay safely connected with domestic and family violence assistance .

  • For personal accounts :

    • Visit a store with the current service owner


    • If you can’t visit a store, ask the new owner to call 13 22 00 to have a three-way conference call with you – we’ll guide you through the process.

    Depending on the product, your transfer or change of ownership will usually be completed within seven business days.

    Before you visit a store or call, make sure you:

    • Have the service number you’d like to transfer to a new account
    • Can provide a valid form of ID and be at least 18 years old - please check the 100 points of ID we will accept
    • Can satisfy the Credit and Identity checks

    Important: If you’re transferring a service to an existing account, you’ll also need to provide the account number of that account.

    If the new owner is a business , use the Change of Ownership to a business printable form

    For transfers that involve a Government or Enterprise entity , please go to Enterprise Support

    What type of customer am I?

    This handy guide will help you figure it out.

    List of customer types
    Customer type Description
    Individuals including residential customers and unincorporated associations

    All individual and residential customers are consumer customers. So are Individuals acting on behalf of a trust.

    The process:

    Visit a store with the current service owner


    Ask the new owner to call 13 22 00 to arrange a three-way conference call with you

    We’ll guide you through the process.

    Sole trader

    An individual trading as a business, with an ABN in their own name, is a sole trader.

    The process:

    Visit a store with the current service owner


    Ask the new owner to call 13 22 00 to arrange a three-way conference call with you

    We’ll guide you through the process.

    Businesses / Companies / Incorporated Associations / Stata and Body Corporates An incorporated business or company*, partnerships, those acting on behalf of a trust, and strata companies – these are all business customers.

    Use the form:
    Change of Ownership to a business printable form

    *A company must provide an Australian Company Number (ACN is not the same as ABN)
    Partnerships Firms and partnerships generally use a trading/business name. A partnership must be represented by an individual or a company.

    Use the form:
    Change of Ownership to a business printable form

    Trusts and super funds A trust or super fund must be in the name of the trustee – either an individual or company.

    Use the form:
    Change of Ownership to a business printable form
    Franchises A franchise operates as a separate business. Phone services are provided in the name of the franchisee; which can be a company or sole trader.

    Use the form:
    Change of Ownership to a business printable form
    Enterprise and Government All large business companies with a dedicated account representative, and all local, federal and state government customers are Enterprise and Government customers. Please go to Enterprise support

    How long does it take for the transfer to happen?

    Most Change of Ownership takes up to seven business days but this may vary depending on:

    • The products being transferred
    • Legibility and completeness of forms
    • Number of services being transferred
    • The type of transfer, eg: business to consumer
    • The complexity of the order.

    How much does it cost to lodge a Change of Ownership?

    There are no Change of Ownership fees for fixed, mobile and internet services. For business customers, there is a $44 connect fee for inbound services, free call or priority numbers.

    However, you may incur an Early Termination Charge (ETC) . If services can stay on existing plans and contracts, you won’t receive an ETC. If the plan or contract can't be transferred due to eligibility or plans that are no longer available, then as the outgoing customer you may receive an ETC. Check your Early Termination Charges .

    What if I can’t reach the ‘outgoing customer’ to complete the transfer form?

    If you’re the new owner you can, still be connected but we’ll require additional information from you:

    • For phone line  and internet services, if you can provide proof of occupancy then we can still connect it in your name
    • In all other cases, we’ll need a statutory declaration form from you which states that you have the authority from the outgoing customer for the service to be transferred to your name or business.
    • Bring these documents in store to complete the request along with your own Identification documents.

    Tip: You can get statutory declarations from police stations and post offices. They need to be witnessed by an authorised witness such as a doctor, lawyer, Justice of the Peace or police officer.

    Do services go offline during a Change of Ownership?

    Mobile services may be unavailable for up to two hours during a transfer, but we’ll let you know in advance. Telstra business broadband services transferring to personal plans can be unavailable for up to five days.

    Will I need a new SIM card?

    For some business to personal transfers, you’ll need a new SIM. We’ll send one if you do.

    What if I want to transfer a business product/service to an individual?

    You will need to disconnect the business service and reconnect a new service for the individual.

    What should I do if I require Priority Assistance on the phone line I’m taking over?

    Priority Assistance is available to eligible consumer or personal customers who have their home phone service with Telstra or to small business customers who run their business from a residential address and are using a Telstra phone service which is not provided through our Digital Office Technology range of plans. Priority Assistance covers home phones only and doesn’t apply to internet or mobile services.

    If you’re not already registered for Priority Assistance, you must submit a Priority Assistance application form

    Do you have a more specific question?

    Contact us and we’ll help you out.

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