Sleep well with a pillow that’s just right for you! Choose your new pillow from our extensive range of feather and down, wool, memory foam, cotton and synthetic fills as well as gel infused, bamboo, and latex pillows. We have neck support pillows and cater to all types of sleepers including side, back and front sleepers.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a pillow?


There are a few things to consider when choosing a new pillow. The first (and most important!) thing to know is your personal sleep style. Are you a side, back, stomach or combination sleeper? From here, think about the activities you undertake most while awake, if you spend a lot of time at the computer each day, a pillow that offers additional neck support is worth looking at. Finally, take note of your preferences regarding pillow density, material such as memory foam or feather, care requirements and budget.

[faq-2-title] What sizes do pillows come in?

Pillow talk offers a range of pillow sizes to suit a variety of ages and needs, these include:
standard (48 x 73 cm), European (65 x 65 cm), queen (50 x 78 cm)*note 2 queens are the length of a Queen bed, king (50 x 90 cm) *note 2 kings are the length of a King bed, body (150 x 45cm), baby (240x60 cm), V shape or boomerang regular (70 x 38 cm) and V shape or boomerang jumbo (70 x 42 cm).

[faq-3-title] How to choose pillow height?
[faq-3-content] The height of a pillow can be impacted by different factors and choosing the right pillow height for you will depend on these factors. Your sleep style will indicate the ideal pillow height, however pillow fill, density and your body shape will impact the actual height of the pillow. For example, if you need a medium height pillow and would prefer a feather fill you may need to opt for a firm (high density) option as feather is softer than, say, memory foam. Remember, you can always phone your local Pillow Talk store for expert advice or even head in-store to test the pillows yourself.
[faq-4-title] How do I choose the perfect pillow for me?
[faq-4-content] Consider your search to find the perfect pillow an adventure! Odds are you have previously bought pillows and have an idea of what worked and what didn’t so the best place to begin is with your own experience. If you selected your last pillow based on its luxurious qualities yet found your sleep was generally poor, switching fill, density or height may be key. If you need additional neck support it may be time to switch to a firmer pillow, or if your alignment needs improving, memory foam may be the answer. You can also head to your local Pillow Talk store to test the pillows in person.
[faq-5-title] What factors should I consider when choosing a pillow?

There are a few elements to consider when choosing the perfect pillow for you. The first is your sleep style or profile – are you a side, back or front sleeper? Another major consideration is filling – are you looking to try out a natural latex pillow or luxurious feather? Other considerations include support if you are currently experiencing neck or back pain and cost.

[faq-6-title] What are the different types of pillows?
[faq-6-content] Pillow Talk offers a variety of popular pillow types to meet the comfort needs of all our customers. Our range includes body or bed buddy pillows, standard, junior, baby, queen and king sized pillows, regular and jumbo U shape (boomerang) pillows, contour pillows, memory foam pillows and a selection of speciality support pillows.
[faq-7-title] Are any of your pillows Australian made?
[faq-7-content] Yes! Pillow Talk is proud to stock a range of Australian made pillows from Herington. Herington is a leading Australian bedding company who has continually supported Aussie production and jobs since its inception 1991.





The right pillow is an integral part of ensuring the perfect night's sleep. When it comes to materials, you can choose from feather and down, wool, memory foam, cotton and synthetic pillows as well as gel infused bamboo, and latex pillows. The majority of our pillows come in standard sizes, and if you’re looking for that extra layer of comfort, you can explore our premium European, queen, king and body pillows for added support.

After choosing the perfect pillow, make sure that you have a quilt that is equally personalised to your sleeping needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions