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Enabling Mining & Energy Industries transition to a more sustainable future

Harnessing the power of digital technology to improve safety, accessibility, productivity and resilience.

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Market volatility have created new conditions within the resources sector, where automation, operational resiliency and sustainable practices have become vitally important.

Transform your Mining & Energy operations and build the foundation for a highly automated future with Telstra secure-by-design, modular, integrated and scalable digital solutions.

Telstra’s network of industry experts, world-class partners and range of industry solutions can help your business digitise and build resiliency so to improve operational effectiveness, increase production, ensure safety, stay competitive and promote sustainable growth.

Help ensure safety, improve operational effectiveness, increase production, stay competitive and become more resilient.

Build a Strong Foundation on a Secure Sovereign Network

A network that is robust, adaptable, secure, and intelligent to connect mining & energy sites across Australia , with reach that is next to none.

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Thrive Through Change with Adaptive Mobility & Networks

Your network is your force for productivity as teams collaborate in the cloud. It’s your springboard for innovation that delivers control, flexibility, and security.

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Secure every link in the chain

Telstra cybersecurity capabilities will defend your networks and critical systems from external and internal threats to optimise system resiliency.

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Start your digital journey with automation

End-to-end automation solutions from concept to completion work to help maximise output, reduce risks, minimise costs and optimise operations.

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The road to automation is the right Industrial network

Telstra’s production-grade network will power and link all your automated devices and processes. Range of robust, reliable, secure and powerful networks that are created to fit your unique needs.

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Enhance Your Performance at the Edge

Bring cloud apps and data analytics close to users enhancing performance with Telstra Edge.

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Make the benefits of IoT real

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers data-driven insights across your business, giving you the power to better inform and automate your processes. Visibility like never before has the power to transform decision-making and optimise your operations.

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Connected Fleet

Solutions that would help to provide end-to-end visibility of your operations, address drivers’ safety, manage fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs, extend life of assets and promote compliant practices.

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Purple services

A powerhouse technology services provider that can help you uncover opportunities, enable automation, digital transformation and sustainability practices for your business.

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Telstra Dedicated Networks

A guaranteed bandwidth service delivered to your site with the ability to prioritise your application traffic securely and reliably over the Telstra mobile network.

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Case studies

Telstra LTE solution improving communications at Newcrest’s Lihir gold mine

Every kind of production vehicle asset, including trucks, drills, excavators, dozers, shovels and barges are connected and operationally proven over LTE.

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AGL Energy's managed cost optimisation

Telstra's Managed Cost Optimisation Services helped one of Australia's biggest energy and gas providers optimise their ICT cost, reduce operational complexity and streamline internal processes.

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Insights for Mining and Resources


Lessons from the world’s leading industry in digital decision-making

Read how the mining sector has truly embraced the promise of digital transformation.

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Digging deep to learn lessons in innovation

Discover why the mining industry which ranks first in terms of business confidence in the local digital transformation environment, in a survey of 2,620 executives across 11 industries and 45 cities.

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Why Telstra?

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Trust our coverage

With multiple fibre links in every capital and extensive coverage in regional and rural centres, we’ll help keep your people and services online.

Telstra delivers the extensive, flexible and secure network you need from head office to a remote site.

Telstra mobile network: Australia’s largest, with greater reliability and faster speeds in more places.

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Industrial Networks of the future

Build private LTE or Wi-Fi networks for critical control. Integrate your mesh, radio, wireless, satellite and fixed networks to create a single experience for your workers, partners, suppliers and customers.

Improve safety and satisfaction. We can help you deploy reliable, high-quality connectivity to keep remote staff connected and boost surveillance and safety monitoring.

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We keep you safe from cyber threats

Telstra’s core network has highly resilient dedicated interconnects from your private network via our cloud gateway so your business-critical traffic is routed securely to your cloud platform of choice.

Security experts, drawing on state of the art technologies help protect our networks from external threats 24/7.

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Plan a smooth transformation

Telstra Purple, our professional services department, combines mining and energy expertise, extensive industry partnerships and a deep understanding of digitisation and cloud technologies.

Telstra Purple supports your transformation journey holistically – from a simple integration to a complex migration – across networking, data, cloud and beyond.

Getting started

Telstra’s world class network, people and partnerships and adaptive capabilities can help you shape, define and realise your business vision.