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Our Mobile Broadband plan gives you included Pre-Paid data to use in Australia. Get started with one of our wireless internet devices, which includes a Pre-Paid SIM card (already inserted). Simply activate your SIM card to start using your new mobile broadband device.

SIM starter kit & plan

Choose a SIM Starter Kit and get started with your own dongle, laptop or tablet. Our Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit includes single SIM card in all sizes: standard, micro and nano. Once you've purchased your SIM Starter Kit, you can activate on Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband plan. All inclusions for use in Australia. Note: Don’t forget to check your device is compatible with the Telstra Network.


Choose an amount below to recharge your Pre-Paid mobile broadband service. All inclusions for use in Australia.

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Use our handy calculator to find out how much data you need for your dongle, laptop or tablet.

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Pre-Paid mobile broadband FAQs

Got a question about your device, data plan or usage? Find the answer you’re looking for in our FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s a broadband network that runs on the Telstra Mobile Network. You'll need a mobile internet device, either a mobile broadband Wi-Fi device, a mobile broadband dongle, a laptop or a tablet. It helps you connect to the internet where you can access the Telstra Mobile Network. Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband service allows you to buy a set amount of data and pay upfront. No lock-in contract.

    • Home internet connects you to the web via a fixed broadband network like ADSL, Cable, Velocity or the nbn ™ network.
    • Mobile broadband connects you to the internet via the Telstra mobile network, which also serves mobile phones and tablets.
  • Capped speeds

    From 4 April 2023, download speeds will be capped on our 4G and 5G network on some plans.

  • Plan speeds

    From 4 April 2023, download speeds will be capped on our 4G and 5G network on some plans.

Why choose us?

Australia's best 4G network

Our 4G network reaches further and runs faster than any other.

Faster based on national average mobile speeds.

Rollover your data

Roll over your unused data on eligible recharges, just recharge before expiry.

Any unused data will then expire at the end of your next recharge period. For use in Australia.

Not Available on 12-month recharges. For use in Australia.

Manage everything in one place

Download the My Telstra app to save your payment details, keep track of your data usage and recharge on the go.

Be rewarded with Telstra Plus™

Join Telstra Plus and get rewarded just for recharging. Earn points to put towards must-have devices, SIM Kits, accessories and more. Eligibility criteria apply.

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